Every Business
Can Benefit From
a Professionally
Installed Video
Surveillance System

Every Business Can Benefit From a
Professionally Installed Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System Features

There are more features and options available today than ever before. Don’t let a cheap system fall short at the crucial moment when you need to reply on it the most.

Let the professionals at Smart IP Solutions help design and install a professional solution that fits your company’s security needs and budget.

  • Remote live viewing on PC or smart phone.
  • Emails alerts for individual event notifications.
  • IP video door intercoms integrated to both your phone system and security system.
  • Specialized license plate cameras.
  • View IP cameras on the display of your IP phone system.
  • Re-use your current cameras with new upgraded HD DVR systems.
  • Cloud camera solutions for easy central management of multiple sites.

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Hosted Security System

Using IP video technology, hosted video goes one step further by making the video provision and associated system controls fully web-based. This means that viewing live and recorded video footage as well as camera control and system management is all done simply via the web.

Smart IP provides the most respected offerings in the relentless pursuit of 100-percent customer satisfaction.

  • Discreet CCTV Cameras and Enclosures
  • Next Generation Digital Video Recorders
  • IP Solutions
  • Custom Built Network Video Recorders
  • And Much More!


The Greatest Flexibility & Highest Megapixel
HD Resolution of Any Camera Solution

IP-Based Camera Systems offer the ability for the video from the cameras on your network to be transmitted anywhere your network extends; including a remote connection, because they are designed using Internet Protocol (IP). They can be deployed on your existing LAN, or WAN via the internet.

These Megapixel HD Cameras connect to your network using an Ethernet connection with standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable. Don’t settle for standard definition images when you can get far greater detail from IP security camera solutions. Imagine seeing your camera images in 1080p resolution.

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HD Viewing at an
Analog Price

The new analog HDCVI and HDSDI Camera Solutions also offer the ability to broadcast HD video, but they can do this over coaxial cable, which was the standard in the old Analog camera installations.

They are a great improvement over Analog systems, while allowing a cost effective upgrade path, as they re-use the same Analog coaxial cabling.

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A Cost Effective Balance of Old and New
Camera Technologies

Hybrid Camera Systems offer users the flexibility of having both Analog cameras and the newer IP cameras on the same surveillance system.

This allows the ability to utilize existing or lower cost Analog cameras on some channels, while having HD IP cameras on others. They are often used in expansion projects in order to retain the value in the current Analog cameras and wiring infrastructure, but still allowing the addition of new HDIP cameras where needed.

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The Old Standard
True Analog systems are outdated and will soon be phased out, but we still gladly support our Analog customer’s service and expansion needs, usually through upgrades to the newer HD TVI or HD SDI technologies we offer. These new systems are compatible with the old Analog cameras, and are a great way to upgrade your system without a substantial investment and overhaul.

Video Surveillance – Give Yourself Peace of Mind

  • Deter and document shoplifting, theft, and vandalism.
  • Help reduce fraudulent insurance liability claims.
  • Protect your employees and business assets.
  • Improve employee productivity and business efficiency.
  • Increase your overall peace of mind.
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