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Access Control

Sometimes a doorbell or loud ringer just doesn’t do the job

Access Control

Door intercom units and more

A door intercom unit installed at a front, side, or rear entrance allows your staff to answer that door from any phone on the phone system. These doors can now be kept locked to avoid potential security risks. And by installing an electric door strike with a door intercom unit you can also have the ability to remotely unlock the door once the party has identified themselves. Additionally, you may allow your employees access by way of a keycard, key fob, or numeric pass code.


  • Helps protect valuable assets and sensitive areas
  • Helps restrict and manage business access
  • Increases employee safety
  • Eliminates costly re-keying and lock changes

Customized Solutions Available for Every Application

Smart IP Solutions provides entry systems with multiple tenant capability for larger office buildings, business complexes, and apartment buildings.

Now you can also secure internal doors to the IT room, supply rooms, outside doors, and offices all being accessed with only 1 key.

  • You are able to track employee entry locations and times through an easy to use Windows interface.
  • This information can be easily exported into your accounting software for quick and easy payroll services.
  • You can easily add, delete, and restrict users’ access by time and day.