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Call Center Features and Services

Can your call center use an upgrade? Smart IP Solutions can provide your business with a fully customized Call Center Solution designed specifically for your business. Whether your company needs a customer support center, Inbound call center, or place outgoing calls for a product or service, Smart IP Solutions can provide you with everything you need to enhance your workforce management. We offer a variety of services and advanced features to fully enhance your call center experience. You can pick and choose which features you want to include with your Call Center software in order to further enhance how your Call Center operates. We can you keep you appraised of your call center customer interactions at all times with Real-Time Statistics and CRM integration. You can even incorporate a whisper function during your live chat with a customer, allowing supervisors to speak to agents or call center representatives while in the middle of the call without the client hearing the supervisor. With cloud VoIP services, your call center can work remotely with cloud-based calling and cloud messaging so your agents have the ability to work from home if needed with a cloud based call center. We offer a variety of modern headsets, VoIP phones, and other call center equipment to optimize your company-wide customer service. Whether you are upgrading your customer support center or looking to improve your number of outbound calls, we can find the perfect features and services to fit your call center requirements. Manage your sales team and support center across multiple channels today with a fully customized contact center solution.

SmartIP’s Call Center solutions collects and collates contact center statistics including current agent status, the length of time spent in said status, the number of calls currently in queue as well as average and max wait times for these calls, the statistics on all answered and abandoned calls including the length of time the caller spent waiting before abandoning the call, and even call-back requests and completion are tracked by the system.

Supervisors can see an inclusive real-time report on the status of all agents and calls in a single window while maintaining the ability to make calls without switching screens. The statistical information can then be used for labor optimization as well as better management thanks to up-to-date knowledge of each agent’s availability.

Supervisors are able set up notifications to alert when service-levels or thresholds have been exceeded, whether it’s a queue overflow or scarcity of available agents, when a preset condition is met, a pop up window will appear on screen to warn the supervisor that the situation might require direct action. There are two colors for alerts, yellow and red, allowing supervisors to set varying levels of emergency. The problem field will be highlighted in the color matching the alert to quickly draw attention.

Call recording is included with ICC and can be configured for full time and/or on-demand. With the proper rights, Agents and/or Supervisors using MXIE can initiate call recording at any time during a call for quality control and follow-up purposes. When an on-demand call recording is initiated, Zultys’ unique Call Recording technology will include the entire conversation regardless of when the Supervisor or Agent initiates the call record during the conversation.

The MX Administrator interface can be used to configure the Integrated Contact Center for queue overflow, based on time or number of customers in the queue. For example, if the average wait time of customers in the queue becomes greater than a set number of minutes, then the system can automatically send the caller to Voice Mail, an operator, another extension, an external phone number or another queue. The same can be done if a set number of callers enter a queue. In essence, precise algorithms of call overflow can be designed to handle busy queues.


Custom in-queue messages played to callers while waiting to be serviced by an Agent may use audio imported via .wav files, included system prompts or created via text-to-speech. These messages can be unique for each queue. In addition each queue may have a unique music on hold playlist defined. You may provide in-queue callers the option to leave the queue to route elsewhere in the system including leaving a voice mail or creating a call back request. When a Call Back Queue is enabled and a caller makes this selection, the system will confirm the caller ID to call back and allow the caller to input a different number.

Both Supervisors and Agents have access to view callers in-queue and Call Back Queue via ICC’s real-time queue monitors. Furthermore, Supervisors have the ability to move a call to the top of a queue, pull a call from anywhere in-queue and answer it, assign a call to a specific agent, transfer a call out of a queue, or direct a call in queue to the group voice mail box – all in real-time.

Whether your contact center is part of a stand-alone MX system or part of a multi-site MXnetwork, ICC can be enabled on your system by simply adding a license. This provides the capability for any combination of ICC’s with Agents all in one building or scattered across up to 128 locations. Each location in an MXnetwork configuration can support up to 240 active calls. We provide options for both local system redundancy as well as site survivability.

Agents can be located anywhere around the globe and function seamlessly as part of an ICC group by leveraging the benefits of the MXnetwork™ feature of SmartIP’s communications system. MXnetwork connects SmartIP Phone systems into a highly survivable peer-to-peer network to provide organization-wide Unified Communications and ICC services to as many as 128 locations, supporting thousands of users. SmartIP’s features lets an agent use any phone in conjunction with the MXIE system – a SIP phone, analog phone or even a mobile phone – without requiring a VPN connection.

With MXconnect, full functional­ity of SmartIP’s unified communications system is securely extended to remote agents no matter where they are located, giving your call center agents the ability to work from home. All that is required is a computer running the MXIE software and a phone. Alternatively, agents may use the softphone included with MXIE (Mac and Windows.

Key System Features

  • Support for up to 240 concurrent callers at each location
  • Advanced Call Routing based on real-time ICC activity
  • Call Recording – full-time and on-demand
  • Superview™: Real-time call monitoring & statistics for multiple ICC Groups in a single window
  • Fully customizable Wallboard for real-time ICC group analysis
  • Customizable music-on-hold & in-queue messages by ICC Group
  • Position in queue & expected wait time announcements
  • Caller Quit Queue options with Call Back Queuing
  • Call Attached Data (CAD) for customizable Agent Scripts, wrap up/ exit codes, and more
  • Optional integration with, MS Outlook and other applications
  • Multiple Reporting options – CDR Reporting, MXreport CDR, and MXreport Contact Center Edition
  • Fully integrated fax server option available

Key Supervisor / Agent Features

  • Chat, Instant Message & Presence
  • Supervisors may Silent Monitor, Barge in, and Whisper-thru to Agents
  • Calls can be assigned to specific Agents
  • Agents can be members of multiple ICC groups
  • MXconnect™ allows Supervisors & Agents to work from any phone – home or office – no VPN required
  • Call Notification pop up allowing Agents to stay focused on their primary application
  • Agent login/logout – initiated by Supervisor or automatically by MX
  • Shared ICC Group Voice Mail box with multiple outgoing greeting options, email notifications and escalation facilities.
  • ScreenDial™ lets Agents click-to-call numbers directly from any application