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Legacy Phone System Support

Keep your business telephone system up to date and running flawlessly

Legacy Phone System Support

Not ready to make the jump into a new VOIP phone system? Then we have some good news. Our Legacy Phone System Support provides your business with the support you need to keep your current phone system up to date. We are here to keep your current telephone system running flawlessly and can even help integrate your current communication solution with our cloud pbx services. Take advantage of VoIP services while being able to receive phone calls, faxes, and more with your current devices but over the internet. Our legacy phone system offers support for older equipment that will keep your employees satisfied as they can continue using the equipment they are familiar with but enhanced with the efficiency of cloud based VoIP. Our technicians have experience with many older phone systems, and we always maintain a stocked warehouse of parts for service. In the event you want to upgrade your system or any outdated technology, we can seamlessly integrate your current system with a hybrid VoIP solution. As your business continues to expand, we can continue to support your current legacy system while integrating a hybrid PBX system to support new employees and remote employees, allowing them to receive calls and work from anywhere. They can even work from home while accessing their work line through cloud communications. Additionally, we can optimize your phone network by providing your business with proper cable installation.

We also offer new VOIP solutions that integrate with traditional phone systems, providing a cost-effective means to access new features without a large investment:

  • Route calls where they need to go. VOIP gateways allow the integration of your existing business phone system to provide transfer and calling capabilities between office locations and remote users.
  • Stage the VOIP upgrade of your voice network to meet your technology budget and timeline.
  • We also offer digital phone system solutions equipped for traditional services like POTS, T1, and PRI. These flexible digital systems can also be equipped for VOIP extensions and SIP.
  • Creative customized solutions are our specialty.

Implementing a hybrid VoIP solution to your current legacy phone service allows you to experience the benefits of cloud based VoIP systems without the need to buy a new phone system.

Is Your Current Phone System Future-Proof?

Communication with clients is the foundation of any successful business, and answering a yes to any of the questions listed is a sign that you may not be getting what your company needs from your system:

  • Is your existing phone system technically obsolete?
  • Is your phone system able to handle an increasing number of incoming calls?
  • Is your phone system scalable?
  • Does your phone system support multiple office locations and remote users?
  • Does your phone system support smart phone apps

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to upgrade your legacy phone system and equipment. Contact us today about a fully customized solution to fit your business needs. Together we can develop a hybrid VoIP solution, allowing you to gain a number of VoIP features while using your current phone system.