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For most small or medium-sized companies, Information Technology is merely a tool to run your business and one that is often ignored until it breaks. By treating technology as a strategic partner, the smart business can improve efficiency and profitability. While technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, few companies update to take advantage of the latest user and security features. Often, company owners do not understand the current technology or feel it is too expensive or difficult to find someone who can help make sense of it all.

Structured IT Management policies and practices have long been used in large corporations to ensure systems reliability, performance, and security for your network infrastructure. But these needs are no longer limited to the corporate world. Small businesses are now positioned to access many new cutting-edge technologies before large corporations, and we can help can deploy them quickly and cost-effectively. Smart IP Solutions specializes in affordable small business technology solutions that make sense.

We work with you to not only find the best solution that fits your budget but to help you understand what is going on every step of the way. We strive to define technology in the simplest terms possible. We will take the time to explain the options available for your unique business needs and help you feel comfortable with the solution. We can even set up your business for remote workers with a customized VPN (virtual private network) solution that fits your business requirements. Whether you need enterprise networks or a network for a small office, we can find the perfect network solution for you.

Keep your network secure with VIPRE

The VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud can protect every device on your network with endpoint security. You may not know it, but your business may need a protection upgrade with application security, email security, and more to protect you from malicious software.  Keep your business protected from cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, viruses, and more with VIPRE Endpoint Security

Network Design and Installation

A properly deigned network backbone can give your company a competitive edge and make your job as the office technology guru much easier.  Our goal is to create a custom network environment that is flexible and expandable, so that it can easily evolve to keep pace with your business.

Our many business VOIP customers can attest to the performance of our VOIP-friendly network designs.  Cost effective hardware solutions, simplicity in design, and our commitment to call quality deliver excellent value time and again. Our network design process incorporates scalability, allowing it to grow along with your business.

Most businesses need more than the basic WiFi that comes along with their internet modem, and “Free” isn’t always best when it comes to secure wireless networking solutions. So, if your business is struggling with slow or spotty WiFi, call to schedule a consultation for our network installation services to learn more.

Network Cable Installation

In addition to virtually designing your network, we can optimize the efficiency of your business with network cable installation. During your free consultation, our technicians take the time to review your current Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) in order to fully optimize your networks efficiency with proper Network cable installation. Our goal is to make sure your network is wired properly while leaving room for expansion while optimizing your network traffic. We specialize in Fiber Optics, Voice and Date lines, Coaxial Cables, Ethernet Cables and more.

Computer and Network Monitoring

For a more encompassing solution, we recommend our monthly network monitoring program.  Smart IP Solutions monitors your computers and all other network devices, keeping your virus and spyware software up to date along with automated system scans to detect any problem before it occurs.  Proactive 24x7x365 real time monitoring allows us to identify issues and respond remotely, often before you are even aware the issue occurred.

Computer Repair

As dependent as today’s businesses are on computers, a system breakdown can cause huge problems, especially for those not well versed in technology. With years of experience, Smart IP Solutions can diagnose the problem and get you back to work quickly. We also offer specialized services to help keep your computers running trouble free. In addition to computer software and hardware, we also contain parts for phones and other equipment your company may need in a hurry. In the event of an emergency, Smart IP Solutions can be on location the same day you call to get your system up and running.

Security Assessment

Due to the lack of a full-time IT specialist, small businesses are often the most vulnerable to security threats. Threats can range anywhere from viruses, hackers, malware, and even trusted employees who gain access to sensitive information. A proper network assessment can shine a light on current and potential cyber threats  through such as intrusion detection. Threats do not go away simply because you are not a big business, you are just less likely to notice or be prepared for them. In addition to network security, we can also provide security checks for your server room and other mission-critical locations with sensitive information. Whether you need a network assessment or a physical security assessment, we are here to protect your business and keep your network secure and provide you with a custom network security solution. We can also incorporate access control permissions to each employee to properly secure physical assets. 

Business Disaster Recovery Planning (BDR)

How would a major data breach or server failure affect your business? Do you even know the process to recover your data?  Then how long will it take to get your business running again?  How many hours will it take to rebuild your system and at what cost?  What is the added cost from down-time and lost business?

A disaster that affects your business could occur at any time.  Proper planning is essential to prevent data loss and ensure business continuity. As each business’ needs and budget differ, we’ve developed a range of solutions starting at a simple data backup plan all the way to a multi-staged solution with full imaging allowing for the quickest system restoration time.

We also offer a number of different solutions for power outages as well. Your VoIP Network can automatically adapt to outages and forward your business line directly to your smartphone. You can also access your email and other features as well in the event of an outage. Secure your data centers from power outages today with Smart IP Solutions Business Disaster Recovery.

Other Network Services

We offer a full suite of additional services, including:

Email & Microsoft 365

Computer Repair

Business Wi-FI Solutions

Internet Solutions & Redundancy

CRM & Phone System Integration

Network Cabling, Cat 5E, Cat 6, & Fiber Optic

Data Room Design: Wall & Floor Racks

Wireless Internet Solutions

Power Protection & Batter Back-Up

Full Office Relocations

Backup Solutions

Virtual Fax Services

VIPRE Virus & Malware Protection

Web Domain Setup & Management