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Premise-Based Phone System

Migrate from multiple, obsolete phone systems and upgrade to a single, cost-effective VoIP system offering seamless UC across multiple offices and regions.

Premise-Based Phone System

Hybrid VoIP Solutions


Smart IP Solutions offers a new “hybrid” solution— using both traditional analog phone service as well as VoIP, and runs across your Cat 5 network instead of the old copper wiring.

Smart IP can deliver a number of hybrid phone system solutions, using any combination of traditional services as well as VoIP: POTS/Copper Lines, T1, PRI, SIP, and even seamless integration between premise and the cloud. We offer complete flexibility in design and functionality.

Is a Premise-Based IP Phone System
the Right Solution For Your Business?

Fully hosted cloud phone systems might not be the ideal solution for every business, so we do offer traditional digital phone system solutions as well. We have 25 year of experience with traditional phone systems, and can help implement the best mix of technologies to meet your needs.