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Security Solutions

Protect your safety and your livelihood with our full-fledged security suite.

Office Security Solutions

At Smart IP Solutions, our goal is to deliver technology solutions that improve our customer’s safety and overall security. We are here to provide your Bucks and Montgomery County businesses with a custom security solution. Whether you are a small business or a corporation, we are here to provide your business with fully customized commercial security systems to fit every requirement you may have.

When you schedule a consultation, we take the time to fully analyze your business in order to find the perfect security system for your business. During our visit, we search for vulnerabilities and provide a strategic security camera system to protect your business. Not only do we analyze your physical business, but we can also assess your network for vulnerabilities, potential threats, and security risks. Our technicians can provide your business with a variety of Network Services to keep your network safe and your sensitive data secure. Keep your employees protected from malicious software with email security  We can also optimize your physical network structure as well by physically laying your network cables for optimum efficiency.

Keep a close eye on your business with 24/7 monitoring through state of the art HD cameras that feed directly to your smartphone, allowing you to check in on your business while on the go. Cloud-based storage allows you to digitally store your video feed and access certain video feeds from anywhere. You can even receive alerts for indoor/outdoor movement after hours. As your business continues to expand, we can optimize your security system to scale along with your business. You can add new cameras without having to worry about needing a new system.

Access management has never been easier. You can combine the benefits of modern security cameras with employee access control models to ensure only certain individuals with special permissions, or conditions such as time of day, grants access certain areas of your building and restricts access to other areas. With roll based access control RBAC, you can create different levels of physical security so only authorized employees can access certain locations. The integration of door access and intercom systems, camera systems, and IP phone system technologies provide a complete picture with a superior level of physical access control to protect your company data and prevent unauthorized access from confidential information such as customer data. The combination of Access control services and video surveilance as well as other services and precautions can ensure your building and sensative data mantains secure and protected. Contact us to schedule a site survey and needs assessment.

Take the next step toward the peace of mind you need to run your business securely and successfully.

Video Surveillance for your local business

Video Surveillance

Smart IP Solutions designs and installs professional video surveillance solutions that fit your company’s security needs and budget. Monitor your business in real time while on the go. Modern security cameras allow you to access live vide feed from your smart phone. Keep an eye on your business with features such as motion sensors, color night vision, and more!

Access Control for your local busienss

Access Control Solutions

Access Control systems are highly customizable, allowing you to ensure your company’s security from the front door to internal parts of the building. Control when your employees can enter the building with employee access control and keyless entry options with Roll Based Access Control. Contact us today to learn about the different types of access control systems.

Secure Your Entire Network With VIPRE Endpoint Security

Vipre Endpoint Security is here to protect every device on your network from cyber threats. VIPRE can protect your business at every level by securing files, applications, network, and more through their endpoint security cloud.. Protect your business from growing threats such as Malware and Ransomeware. Learn how VIPRE can secure your business today by contacting Smart IP Solutions!