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SIP Trunking

Replace your traditional business phone lines and place calls and send messages over the internet

SIP Trunk Solutions

Take your business phone and office solution to the next level with SIP Trunking. With SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk solutions, you can convert your current phone solution to a VoIP phone service (Voice Over Internet Protocol), enhancing your company-wide communication. By incorporating SIP trunk into your business, your business phone lines will be able to work with an internet connection allowing for unified communications. This allows you to make long-distance and international calls, hold multi-channel conference calls, and more as a result of your SIP trunking solution. You can even answer a VoIP call from your computer or smartphone using ReachUC as if you were calling from your business phone. Smart IP Solutions is here to provide your business with SIP Trunking Services so you can take advantage of the benefits of VoIP systems, such as Business SMS.

The new breed of VOIP phone systems is not designed for the traditional types of phone service that we are used to. SIP is the new standard, and SIP trunking services are replacing traditional phone lines, POTs, T1s, and PRIs. SIP trunks offer more benefits and flexibility, usually at a fraction of the costs of traditional services. Since SIP VoIP systems use the internet, you can gradually add more extensions without having to run actual phone lines. This new method of communicating sends voice, SMS, and other forms of communication over the internet.

  • Direct Inward Dial (DID): Easily add as many incoming numbers to your phone system as required. Start a new business, add additional departments, or even set up a private number for key employees quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Always send your main phone number when making outgoing calls. Individual phone extensions can also be programmed to send their private numbers when calling out. Your customers will always know that you are calling them.
  • Unlike the traditional carriers’ voice services, SIP trunks don’t require any of the complicated relocation scheduling during your office relocation. Now you can schedule your office relocation any time, and completely at your convenience.
  • SIP trunks don’t have the high costs usually associated with moving traditional voice services either. When we relocate your already programmed phone system and router, the SIP voice service will follow.
  • Our SIP trunk solutions offer the ability for redundancy in a way that traditional services can’t. Managed firewalls with multiple internet circuits from different providers can now provide redundancy for not only voice services; but also internet browsing, email, and all of your cloud applications.

Are you ready to upgrade your SIP Trunking solution and make the switch to VoIP? Contact Smart IP Solutions today and schedule a free consultation.