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Virtual Fax

Avoid the inconvenience of wasted paper, expensive toner or a clunky fax machine. Upgrade to Virtual Fax today.

Virtual Fax

Making the switch to Virtual Fax is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of any small business. Online faxes allow you to eliminate the need for a physical fax machine while maintaining all of your regular fax features. Since virtual faxes use the internet, you no longer need to pay for an extra phone line. Upgrading to Virtual fax is very simple since you can keep your existing fax number, saving you the trouble of having to notify your customers about the change. You can also cut the cost of fax machine requirements, such as ink/toner and paper. Even though you can send your faxes online, they will still be sent to other fax machines that use phone lines. 

Virtual faxes allow you to receive, store, forward and send online faxes with a simple click of your mouse. Since you are receiving your inbound faxes over the internet, you can digitally store inbound faxes on your network. You can also store online faxes in a cloud based database. Cloud storage allows you to filter and search through your inbound and outbound faxes, allowing you to quickly find your faxes rather than wasting time while looking through file cabinets. Virtual faxes can also be saved and stored on your network, giving you access to all of your faxes and documents in one convenient location. You also gain the ability to pull up your virtually stored faxes from any smartphone or mobile device with access to your network, allowing you to view your faxes on while on the go.

Online fax services are faster and more convenient than traditional fax machines. They also do not require a phone number. Online faxes take less time to send and remove errors that may occur from a physical machine, such as low toner or even tearing the faxes.

Sending a fax over the internet is a faster alternative to faxes through a phone line. You can even start sending faxes through your email as an attachment. Contact us today about including virtual fax with your current phone and office solution.

Key Features

  • Easy to use faxing by email
  • Send and receive unlimited faxes
  • Local or Toll Free numbers available
  • Email faxes as attachments
  • No extra software or hardware necessary
  • Unlimited email account access
  • Cloud Storage
  • Keep your current fax number

Legacy Fax Machines

Smart IP Solutions has the ability to upgrade your legacy fax machine so it can send and receive faxes over the internet. Virtual fax services can easily be incorporated into any network. By installing a network adapter, older fax machines will no longer need a telephone line to send and receive faxes. The network adapter allows your physical fax machine to send and receive faxes over the internet instead of being transmitted over a telephone line. You can still keep the same fax number on your legacy fax machine.