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Upgrade your Salford township business with a custom VoIP and Security system from Smart IP Solutions


Continue to grow your Salford business by making the switch to VoIP

You can continue to grow your Salford without the need for a large investment. By simply upgrading your current phone system to VoIP, you can cut the cost of running a business while improving company wide communication. Voice over IP systems are an affordable way to optimize your office experience.

Upgrading to a PBX VoIP system requires minimal time. It also gives your around the clock customer service. In addition to providing VoIP installations, Smart IP Solutions can upgrade your current security system as well. We can include services such as access control so you can control who can enter your business with the push of a button. We can also provide you with Security Cameras that can be monitored through your smart phone. 

For over 25 years, we have provided Salford Township businesses with custom phone and office services. We find the perfect solution to fit any budget. Whether you want a complete upgrade or want us to incorporate what you have with some newer features, we are here to find the perfect solution for you. Upgrade your Salford business today with Smart IP Solutions. 

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